Steering by insurance is common while illegal to do,

— it is your choice to go where you want.


They get savings from shops for referrals and you don’t get that savings, so pick a shop that you are familiar with or want to do business with. Most insurance companies are not looking out for your best interest, they are looking for discounts that you never see.

If your car has a small dent or major collision

damage, rest assured, the skilled technicians

at Randy Hanson's will make

your car like new....

or better!

In Case Of An Accident

Safety First

The most important thing is to remain at the scene of an accident if your vehicle is involved. Send others for help especially if you are injured.


Worry first about the passengers in the vehicles and their immediate safety. Turn off ignition switches to avoid a risk of fire. Do not attempt to move seriously injured persons unless their vehicle is on fire.


Wait for the police and ambulances to arrive. (If you are in a remote area and there are significant injuries, attempt to minimize bleeding or administer CPR if necessary).


What to Do Next

1. Get important information at the scene.
In addition to getting information from other drivers, be sure to get at least the names and phone numbers of any witnesses or people who stopped to help.


Print out the Accident Checklist and Accident Report forms on this page and keep them with your vehicle's registration papers in your glove box. These forms provide a helpful "fill in the blanks" record of the information you need to obtain.


2. Share only pertinent information at the scene.
Provide your driver's license, registration, and contact information only to the other drivers, injured persons, or police officers. Do NOT discuss the circumstances of the accident with anyone except the police. Do NOT discuss responsibility with anyone except a positively identified representative of your insurance company.


3. Complete an Accident Record.
Write down everything you can remember about the accident. Include as many details as possible. Revisit the scene at a later time if necessary to take pictures.


4. Report the accident to the Department of Motor Vehicles.
California State Law requires that all accidents involving injury/death or property damage in excess of $500.00 be reported within ten (10) days to the Department of Motor Vehicles.


5. Notify your Insurance Agent immediately.

Towing the Vehicle

City, county, and state police have a call list of towing operators that are approved by the State to tow from limited access highways and from county streets. These operators are licensed and bonded and experienced in towing late model vehicles to preclude further damage to your car.


Most automobile insurance policies include a nominal "towing" coverage, but you should be advised that the allowances provided in coverage do not always pay the towing bill in full. If your car is being towed long distances off the interstate, at odd hours, or in extreme weather conditions, there may be legitimate additional charges from the towing operator that may not be covered by your towing allowance.


If you are having your car towed to Randy Hanson Auto Body & Paint, do not worry about the tow bill. Tell the tow truck operator to tow the vehicle to our locations and we will pay the tow bill and add it to your repair bill. Randy Hanson Auto Body recommends Sebastopol Towing - 823-1061


Resolving liability and insurance coverage can take several days and in some serious accidents may take longer. Some towing operators and repair facilities charge a daily storage fee on your car while it is waiting to be repaired and these charges can add up quickly. It's important to note that Randy Hanson Auto Body & Paint does NOT charge storage fees for vehicles towed to our property while you are waiting for resolution on who is responsible for repairing your car.

FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions


Who pays for the repair of my vehicle?

If the damage to your vehicle is a result of your error and you have comprehensive and/or collision damage, then your insurance company pays for the repairs (less your policy's deductible). You are responsible for paying the deductible amount directly to the repair facility.


If the damage to your vehicle is a result of the error or negligence of someone else, then their insurance company is responsible for paying the full amount of the repair costs.


Who guarantees the repairs to my vehicle?

The collision repair facility guarantees its own work. An insurance company or other third-party cannot effectively guarantee the quality, thoroughness, and craftsmanship of the repairs.


Can I select the facility that will repair my vehicle?

Yes-the choice is entirely yours. An insurance company may make a recommendation, but they cannot force you to take your vehicle to a facility of their choosing.

Do I need to get three estimates?

No, there is no law requiring three estimates. You have the right to have your vehicle repaired at the repair facility of your choice.


If you are dealing with a private party or an insurance company that does not have a local office, it may expedite your repair /claims process to obtain two estimates. Do not obtain an estimate from any collision repair service that you would NOT want to repair your vehicle.


What about after-market or "replacement quality" parts?

Original equipment manufacturer's (OEM) parts made by the manufacturer of your car are generally better quality, better fitting, and have better corrosion protection capabilities. Depending on the age and condition of your vehicle, there may be some sound economic reasons to use after-market parts in the repair. The decision should always be yours; however, many insurance policies are being rewritten to give the insurance company the sole right to make this economic decision. Make sure you know the terms of your policy in this area.


Why did another body shop provide an estimate that is different from yours?

Differences in repair estimates are quite common. There are three primary estimating systems used by collision repair services and insurance companies: Mitchell, CCC, and ADP. Each of these systems break down labor operations differently and frequently use different material allowances for similar operations.


The biggest reason for estimate differences is that one estimate may not include all the required steps and processes. If you have any questions, Randy Hanson Auto Body & Paint will go over any insurance company estimate or estimate by another repair service with you-line by line.


We want you to have all the information you need to make informed decisions about the repair of your vehicle.

Tips on Buying a Used Vehicle


With the cost of the average new vehicle soaring above $20,000, it often makes sense to purchase a used or "pre-owned" later model vehicle. But how can you tell if that used vehicle has been in an accident or had other major repairs? Take the time to inspect the vehicle closely and beware if you find any of the following red flags!


1. Paint color differences between adjacent panels indicate repair or replacement of those panels.


2. Unevenly worn tires may indicate an out-of-alignment situation due to damage to the vehicle and/or improper repairs.


3. A variation in gap sizes between exterior body panels may be a sign of sloppy repair work.


4. Doors, hoods, and trunk lids that don't open and close smoothly or require a lot of effort to latch could signify that they are not original to the vehicle.


5. Small hash marks on the sill areas underneath the doors are a sign that the vehicle has been clamped onto a frame straightening piece of equipment.


6. ID decals, VIN tags, and emission labels are affixed at the factory to various points on the vehicle. If these items are missing, it's an indication that some parts have been replaced.


While many of the above warning signs are easy to spot, others can be well hidden or camouflaged. Randy Hanson Auto Body & Paint can provide a very valuable service to our customers. We'll inspect the used vehicle that you are considering for purchase and identify any prior collision repairs, frame or unibody damage, or other structural defects. There is NO FEE for this service and it is well worth the peace of mind it provides about the history of the vehicle--and whether or not this particular used vehicle would be a good choice for your family.

Testimonials From Satisfied Customers...


When you need a friend you can count on Randy and his crew

I am an traveling nurse just working a short contract in Santa Rosa. Did not know where to go to get my car fixed. Read a review on this site and decided to take a chance on Randy. Well, they not only fixed my car and did it in record time. The price was more than fair. Besides being from out of town I am a woman and can tell you many rip off stories. Randy and his crew were very personable, helpful and reasonable. Word to the wise for all you fools who go to anyone else. Randy is your man!!!! Great job and great people.

— Thank You, Pam R



Timely and honest when you really need it

Can't remember how I choose Randy's to fix my car, but I'm glad I did. After our brand new van was involved in a little fender bender that required a lot of front end repair, they helped make an unhappy expensive event a little less painful. Randy was very helpful as well as the other staff I spoke too in helping figure out and coordinate the insurance's portion and ours. The work was done quickly and looked great. They even gave me a ride back to my house- if I remember correctly- which was much needed- and they called to keep me updated on the status of the repair. Small place compared to some of the big ones like G & C but very personal service.

— by Jessica H.




‪I first met Randy 11 years ago when I was envolved in my very first accident. At that time I had already received 3 other estimates for the repairs before I was referred to Randy Hanson Auto Body. After receiving my estimate by Randy himself, I was really impressed with his knowledge and his attention to the smallest details. His estimates is thorough and the most cost effective for the customer, as most people are on a budget. Since then I have only had Randy fix my vehicles and I refer all my family and friends to him. He always treats his customers like family :) All of his repairs are done the right way the first time and he always gives us a free loaner.‬‎

— By Cassandra


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